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Dernières publications
PUBLICATIONS - Communications
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M. LAPORTE, G. MICHEL, S. RIEUNIER (2016), How sharing meals influences nutritional risk taking : a structured abstract , Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science, AMS-WMC, Paris France
M. JOSION-PORTAIL, G. MICHEL (2016), Comment favoriser la transmission intergénérationnelle du « bien manger » ? Vers de nouveaux leviers au service des marques et des pouvoirs publics , 32ème congrès de l'AFM, Lyon France
K. KARMENI, O. DE LA VILLARMOIS, A. BELDI, F. MANSOURI (2015), Managing Innovation basing on Socialization: the Case of Franchise Networks , EGOS
P. LORINO, D. MOUREY, G. SCHMIDT (2015), Goffman's theory of frames and situated meaning-making in inter-organizational performance review meetings , IPA Conference (Interdisciplinary Persceptive on Accounting), Stockholm Suède
F. BERGER-REMY, G. MICHEL (2015), The brand champion, a double-edged sword for brand building , 44th European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference, Louvain Belgique
K. KARMENI, O. DE LA VILLARMOIS, A. BELDI, F. MANSOURI (2015), The Relationship between Control and Innovation: an Explanation based on Knowledge Creation , European Accounting Association (EAA), Glasgow UK
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY (2015), Resisting institutional pressures by empowering inhabitants in a poor area with the help of participative art , EGOS Conference, Athens Greece
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY, N. RAULET-CROSET (2015), Doing more with less: Organizing resistance across on-line spaces within a politically-driven CSO , EGOS Conference, Athen Greece
.. 421, .. 422, L. DEHOUCK, M. LASSAGNE (2015), An Analytical Framework to Assess the ?Quality of Decision? in Terms of Major Risks Regulation , SRA World Congress on Risk
P. EYNAUD, J. MALAURENT (2014), What Impact Do Various Sociomaterial Assemblages Have on Collective Thinking Activities? , XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokoama Japan
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY, N. RAULET-CROSET (2014), Organizing resisting activities in and across on-line social spaces: How to perform rules that do not exist? , Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP), Rome Italie
J. BEUVE, M. MOSZORO, S. SAUSSIER (2014), The Political Contestability of Public Contracts , The Impact of Institutions and Regulation on Public Services - BRISTOL University, BRISTOL U. UK