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A. LAURENT, P. EYNAUD, P. GARAUDEL, G. SCHMIDT (2017), NPOs' mergers: looking for legitimacy? The specific case of mergers between federations , 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhague Danemark
P. GARAUDEL, A. LAURENT, P. EYNAUD, G. SCHMIDT (2017), What is at stake in the inter-organizational restructuring process? The case of the French NPO's field , International interdisciplinary conference on HRM, Göteborg Suède
P. GARAUDEL, P. EYNAUD, A. LAURENT, G. SCHMIDT (2016), Les restructurations inter-organisationnelles : réalités et effets dans les organisations non-marchandes , Le management des organisations non-marchandes / Managing NPOs, AIMS, ESCP, Paris France
A. LAURENT, P. EYNAUD (2016), Articuler communs urbains et économie solidaire : une question de gouvernance ? , XVIe Rencontres du Réseau Interuniversitaire de l'économie sociale et solidaire, Montpellier France
P. EYNAUD, A. LAURENT (2016), Combining urban commons and solidarity economy: a matter of governance? , 2nd EMES-Polanyi International Seminar, CNAM, Paris France
S. ELBAZ, F. GAUTIER (2015), Budgeting as practice in a Public Agency , 15th Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research Network (CIGAR) Conference
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY (2015), Resisting institutional pressures by empowering inhabitants in a poor area with the help of participative art , EGOS Conference, Athens Greece
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY, N. RAULET-CROSET (2015), Doing more with less: Organizing resistance across on-line spaces within a politically-driven CSO , EGOS Conference, Athen Greece
S. ELBAZ, P. FENIES, F. GAUTIER (2014), Implementing Management Accounting in a Health Agency: A structuration Cycle Perspective , 9e Conference on new directions in Management Accounting, Bruxelles Belgique
P. EYNAUD, J. MALAURENT (2014), What Impact Do Various Sociomaterial Assemblages Have on Collective Thinking Activities? , XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokoama Japan
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY, N. RAULET-CROSET (2014), Organizing resisting activities in and across on-line social spaces: How to perform rules that do not exist? , Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP), Rome Italie
S. EROGLU, G. MICHEL (2014), Retailscape conviviality: humanizing the sales place , Séminaire International de la Chaire Marques , Paris France