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S. ELBAZ, P. FENIES, F. GAUTIER (2014), Implementing Management Accounting in a Health Agency: A structuration Cycle Perspective , 9e Conference on new directions in Management Accounting, Bruxelles Belgique
D. ZAJTMANN (2014), Spatial dynamics in the Parisian high-end fashion industry , Regional Conference of the International Geographical Union, Cracovie Pologne
L. SITZ, D. DION (2014), Quand traduire, c'est trahir: la traduction en question , Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation, Rouen France
E. CHONG, S. SAUSSIER (2014), Benchmarking in the French Water Industry , Performances in the Water Sector: Benchmarking, Regulation Drivers , Florence Italie
E. CHONG, S. SAUSSIER (2014), ?e quality of governance and the use of negotiated procurement procedures: Some (un)surprising evidence from the European Union , Strategic Management Society Extension Workshop on ?Public-Private Governance, Social Value and Innovative Organizational Design?, Paris France
P. EYNAUD, J. MALAURENT (2014), What Impact Do Various Sociomaterial Assemblages Have on Collective Thinking Activities? , XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokoama Japan
R. BEAUJOLIN-BELLET, T. BOUDES, N. RAULET-CROSET (2014), Hunting with hounds: between a temporary show and a long-lasting institution , EGOS, Rotterdam Pays-Bas
E. LAMARQUE, I. SALEEM (2014), Boardroom?s decision-making through effective leadership for enhanced board task performance , Governance Workshop, Barcelona Spain
E. ALBERTINI, O. CHARPATEAU, B. OXIBAR (2014), Ethics in the Letters for Shareholders , European Business Ethics Network, Berlin Allemagne
J. ALLOUCHE, P. GILBERT, M. LE BOULAIR (2014), Human Resource Management in French companies in China , Academy of Management (AoM) -The first HR Division International Conference in China, Beijing China
P. EYNAUD, D. MOUREY, N. RAULET-CROSET (2014), Organizing resisting activities in and across on-line social spaces: How to perform rules that do not exist? , Organizations, Artifacts and Practices (OAP), Rome Italie
J. BEUVE, M. MOSZORO, S. SAUSSIER (2014), The Political Contestability of Public Contracts , The Impact of Institutions and Regulation on Public Services - BRISTOL University, BRISTOL U. UK
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