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Conférences plénières du GREGOR
Photo Gregor
Conférences plénières du GREGOR
Conférences plénières

24 JUIN 2010

JUIN10 - Conférence GREGOR

Date : 24 JUIN 2010

Lieu : salle du Conseil

18 h - Rakesh Sarin, Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management
"Engineering Happiness"
In this talk, I will lay out laws of happiness that are universal across all people. These laws permit the use of mathematical methods to evaluate consumption and life decisions that optimize happiness. Our central premise is that the very essence of attaining a happier life is choice. I will provide findings from scientific experiments, examples from ancient literature, and pearls of wisdom from the world's religions that support our laws of happiness. Once one understands the nature of happiness and masters the Laws of Happiness, one can lay the groundwork for building an amazing life brimming with happiness.

14 JAN 2010

JAN10 - Conférence GREGOR

Date : 14 JAN 2010

18 h  - Julie De Brux, Doctorante sous la Direction de Stéphane Saussier
"Optimum social et cadre multi-contractuel: le cas des partenariats public-privé",
Résumé : Dans cet article, nous analysons l’impact du nombre  de contrats  signés entre une autorité publique et un même opérateur privé, sur leur comportement en cas de renégociations. En nous appuyant sur la théorie des contrats incomplets et la théorie des jeux répétés, nous montrons que plus le nombre de contrats signés entre les parties pour un service similaire est important, plus le respect d’un accord tacite devient probable. Un tel accord vise à inciter l’opérateur à agir de façon à maximiser le surplus social. Nos résultats indiquent ainsi que le nombre de contrats signés entre les parties n’est pas neutre sur l’issue des renégociations.

19 h - Sophie RIEUNIER, Maître de Conférences à l'IAE
"Utilisation des avertissements visuels en marketing social : le cas du tabac". 
Karine Gallopel-Morvan, Patrick Gabriel Marine Le Gall-Ely, Sophie Rieunier, Bertrand Urien
Abstract : Despite strong interest on the part of tobacco health practitioners, the effect of graphic warnings inserted on cigarette packs is unclear on several levels. First, the most effective themes for such messages have not been clearly identified by researchers. Second, no research has identified the ideal combination of self-efficacy and fear appeal warnings that should be inserted on cigarette packs, according to Protection Motivation Model principles. The exploratory study we conducted with French consumers to test the effectiveness of new
graphic warnings proposed by the European Union in 2004 clearly demonstrates that visual messages, as opposed to text warnings, are more effective. This study also enabled us to identify the most effective themes of the European set: health warnings and social messages. Regarding future public health applications, if fear appeals are used, they need to be combined with self-efficacy and cessation support messages since they provoke avoidance reactions.

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