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Conférences plénières du GREGOR
Conférences plénières

18 FEV 2010

FEV10 - Conférence GREGOR

Date : 18 FEV 2010

18 h - Les  méthodes d'analyse Comparative Qualitative ou QCA

1- Présentation du papier de  Rachel Beaujolin-Bellet, Pierre Garaudel, Marie-France Khalidi, Florent Noël et Géraldine Schmidt

Compromising on downsizing: redeployment and/or severance pay. A qualitative comparative analysis of french cases

In this paper, we investigate the conditions behind the path followed by social relations through downsizing processes and the nature of the final social compromise about collective redundancy measures, in the French context. To what extent can downsizing drive to above-mandatory packages and/or redeployment services, or neither? What are the antecedents of the social compromise?
To understand the path driving unique social compromise in regard to the way redundancies were managed in 10 cases, we used the QCA method (Ragin, 1987) as an appropriate way to analyze systematically a limited number of cases and to investigate the possible combination(s) of conditions that determine a specific outcome.
When it comes to explaining the presence of above-mandatory severance pay packages, QCA leads to a parsimonious causal model corresponding to a combination of three conditions: weak employability, active unions, and numeric downsizing type. This combination appears necessary and sufficient for the achievement of above-mandatory level severance pay. The QCA for the redeployment outcome brings only one necessary condition, which relates to the presence of cooperative interactions between management and employees’ representatives. These results are then discussed.

Télécharger le Papier :
  CG_02_10_Compromising on downsizing

2- Discussion par Corentin Curchod, Professeur à l'Ecole de Management Audencia, Directeur du GIL - Globalisation and Innovation Laboratory- auteur d'un article Paru en 2003 dans FCS sur les méthodes comparatives en sciences de gestion.
Télécharger l'article : CG_02_10_C.Curchod_2003