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What is a chair?

There are close links between research in management and the life and practices of organisations in the widest sense, and of companies in particular: researchers thrive on the observation and analysis of practice, and their conclusions will feed back into the knowledge and conduct of actors in these places.

Wishing to institutionalise links between research and institutions, the IAE has undertaken to create Research Chairs associated with GREGOR’s six research axes. These Chairs bring together representatives of the socio-economic world (businesses, consultancies, etc.) and GREGOR researchers exploring a particular theme.

Researchers and companies together define major research projects and organise events in which the outcomes of these projects are brought to prominence. Specifically, the Chairs fulfil the following aims:

  • To support and energise work on a specific theme.
  • To establish a network of researchers and enhance the profile of research in this area.
  • To develop issues for research in conjunction with practitioners.
  • To provide privileged access to various fields of study.
  • To establish firm long-term co-operation with the socio-economic sector by comparing experience, the outcomes of empirical research, and ideas.
  • To promote the results within the sector.


Administration Chairs
Paula Berdugo