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The team enjoys significant experience in contracted research, with both public institutions and industry. Among major contracts carried out by GREGOR are:

  • a European contract (European Social Fund), Monitoring Innovative Restructurings in Europe (MIRE), directed by Syndex, bringing together five countries (France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and Sweden) and the UET for France;
  • a research contract with the French Ministry of Defence evaluating the GIAT Plan 2006;
  • a contract with DRTEFP to carry out a case-study (Delphi);
  • a contract with DARES.



A research programme on the governance of the financial risks industry benefits from finance from the Institut Europlace. Two other research projects – one on the development of the climatic derivatives market and the other on the organisational and institutional development of stock markets –enjoy financial support in the context of the ANR project conducted by Paris-Dauphine University under the title “The Social Construction of the Interface: the case of emerging financial activities”.

Management Tools

Three research contracts have enabled a collaborative consideration of subjects relating to tools for management. Notably:
Participation in the project “Partage d’AUtorité dans le Système Aéronautique” (PAUSA), co-ordinated by INRIA on “organisational theory and the influence of the organisation on the performance and behaviour of systems and agents”. The contract brings together the majority of researchers in the axis, as well as those from other GREGOR teams.
Exploratory research at the FNARS: the modalities of organising an associative network (N. Raulet-Croset et P. Gilbert).
Research at ADESSA: the instrumentality of relations between associations and public funders and the internal consequences of these relations in the field (C. Chemin with P. Gilbert, N. Raulet-Croset and G. Schmidt).


Delphine Dion has conducted her research in collaboration with the DRM laboratory in Paris-Dauphine University and with the CREM at the University of Rennes, through a project financed by the European Union. Her results have facilitated improved effectiveness in anti-tobacco campaigns and led to modifications in the health warnings printed on tobacco packets. This work has been the subject of research papers and publications.

Sophie Rieunier has also worked on the battle against tobacco consumption as well as on the effectiveness of humanitarian organisations' fund-raising techniques. This topic has given rise to several research papers, two research contracts and writing of a popularising work published by Dunod: Marketing and Communication for Associations.

Ouidade Sabri’s work has focused on taboos in advertising material, as a continuation of work for her doctoral dissertation, which she defended successfully in 2007. She obtained the prize for the best marketing dissertation, awarded by AFM. This research has generated research papers and publications (List of works by Ouidade Sabri).

François Blanc has opened up an approach to the concept of responsible marketing, applied to the relationships between businesses in industrial marketing. He has presented his study of sustainable marketing at international conferences (e.g. Annual Macromarketing Conferences) and published several collaborative works. Emphasis has been placed on constructing models of co-operation between principals and subcontractors, with the aim of fostering a fairer and more ethical marketing capability all round (List of works by François Blanc). A dissertation on responsible business and advertising written under his supervision was successfully defended in 2008.

Two contracts have recently been signed: in 2007–08, “The impact of pictorial health warnings and of generic cigarette packets on stopping smoking” (IAE de Rennes, IAE de Brest, MILT, INCA, INSERM ); in 2007 with Cerphi (Centre d’études et de recherches sur la Philanthropie).

Risk and Decision-making

The team works regularly within research contracts, chiefly with industries that contribute to l’Institut Carnot-Arts d’Arts et Métiers-ParisTech (Contract EDF R&D, 2004-2007 ; Contract EDF R&D, 2006-2008 ; Contract Liebherr, 2007-2009). There are also contracts financed by ANR. In 2007 a new ANR contract in civil engineering (the third GRID contract) was won. This concerned the GERMA project (€1.5m in total, with COTEBA, EGIS, IOSIS, VINCI, the University of Bordeaux-I, the University of Marne-La Vallée, labelled by the competitivity cluster “The Town and Urban Mobility”.