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Environmental Performance PRINT
Auteur(s) : E. ALBERTINI
Chapitre d'ouvrage, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation (2016)
Résumé / Abstract :

Numerous international institutions define environmental performance as the measurable results of the environmental management system in relation to the firm?s control over its environmental aspects, aims, and environmental targets. Academic research posits environmental performance as the measurable results of the environmental management system in relation to the control that the organization has over its environmental impacts based on its environmental policy. Environmental management system identifies the organization?s environmental policy, the environmental aspects of its operations, the legal and other requirements, and a set of clearly defined objectives and targets for environmental management programs.
According to this definition, environmental management encompasses the technical and organizational activities undertaken by the firm for the purpose of reducing environmental impacts and minimizing their effects on the natural environment. Hence, environmental performance is considered a multidimensional construct that includes not only companies? outcomes and impacts on their stakeholders and the environment, but also principles of environmental responsibility and processes of environmental responsiveness that determine future outcomes and impacts.
In 1989, the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economics (CERES) tried to define the notion of environmental performance and since then numerous and diverse indicators has been used to measure it. Some of them account for the pollution generated by a company, others measure greenhouse gas emissions or carbon emissions, while others are based on environmental data reported by the companies themselves through their annual reports often called sustainable reports.
These indicators can refer to a level of pollution, or its reduction; relay organizations? initiatives; or can reflect various practices, such as recycling or reprocessing of waste. Thus, environmental performance is measured by objective or non-objective indicators allowing the evaluation of the efficiency of a firm?s consumption of resources. Different measurement frameworks of environmental performance therefore integrate these indicators on internal and external axes of procedures or results to satisfy the needs of reporting, disclosure, monitoring, and management of environmental performance. Environmental performance thus seems to be a multidimensional concept dealing with both managerial and measurement dimensions. The key issue of environmental performance measurement is converting large amounts of data into managerially useful information via appropriate metrics.

Mots-clés / Keywords :  Environmental performance; Environmental management; literature review

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