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The Impact of Constitutive Events on the Development of the Organizational Vision of Social and Educational Entrepreneurs PRINT
Auteur(s) : G. ALMOG BAREKET
Thése de l'université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne : 09/11/2010 - IAE de Paris, 9h30, salle du Conseil
Sous la direction de : PESQUEUX Yvon
Jury : José Allouche, Eric Cornuel, Pierre Kletz, Karim Medjad, Yvon Pesqueux
Résumé / Abstract :

Usually, research studies address the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR) almost solely from the point of view of the economic objectives of the organization, equating it either to a communication tool, to a motivational instrument, or to a vector of expensive squandering of resources. On the contrary, this study, focuses on the real social influence of such organizations? policies. To this end, it focuses on the niche of social leadership organizations the impact of which has been recognized and studies the specific question of the impact of constitutive events on the development of the organizational vision of social and educational entrepreneurs. In democratic countries, there are at least two means of influence. The first is by appointing representatives who act on behalf of our interests in the government. The second is by taking upon ourselves social responsibility and performing acts of leadership that change reality for the better. The question arises, what motivates people to choose the second option and take that responsibility upon themselves? This study opens a window to the motivations of 10 social entrepreneurs (eight men and two women) as presented in their own personal narratives. It reveals how past peak events in their lives impacted each one of them in his or her establishment of a Third Sector organization in order to implement a particular social-educational initiative. Findings analysis shows that peak events influenced entrepreneurs on personal, organizational and social levels. The innovative nature of this study lies in its contribution to understanding how peak events influence the entrepreneurs? individual identity, their vision and goals. On the organizational level, the study explores how this personal vision is translated into the organizational vision, its structure and work methods, as a tool for achieving his or her personal goals. The organizations are active in the Third Sector as a form of criticism of the public sector and express their founders? consolidated personal vision, which is intended to address present issues (here and now).
On the social level, the study analyzes how entrepreneurs take upon themselves social responsibility to produce a unique service which answers an identified need. Research findings indicate that most entrepreneurs in the study strive to create different types of partnerships with the government in order to institutionalize the changes they aspire to.

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G. ALMOG BAREKET (2010), "The Impact of Constitutive Events on the Development of the Organizational Vision of Social and Educational Entrepreneurs", Thèse de doctorat de l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, France